Change es_extended seatbelt operation

I have a script to control the seat belt function, which allows the use of the seat belt.

The problem I have is that es_extended also has this function, and I want to disable it or modify it so that it works with my script.

Going into more detail, es_extended has the function of toggling the seat belt, depending on its status, the player is ejected from the vehicle in the event of a crash. What I want to do is implement es behavior in my script and remove it from es_extended

In what file exactly it is ?

I don’t know, I want to know if there is someone who knows in which file that event is handled, because I have been searching and I haven’t found it

Yeah, i looked at es_extened files, and i didn´t find it. Would love to help you, but without knowing where it is i can´t help you…

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Don’t worry mate

Hey! i may have found the sollution. in esx_cruisecontrol go to the config.lua and set it like this

Seatbelt = {
Enable = false,
Key = “B”,
EjectCheckSpeed = 45, – MPH
RagdollTime = 1, – MS
Export = function (state)

This has to fix it. well at least for me.

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Thanks mate, it works correctly

No problem. I would suggest to completely remove esx_cruisecontrol because it could interfere between rp-radio or something else