Chalet Mount Chiliad [MLO]

Chalet Mount Chiliad [MLO] A cozy retreat nestled in the heights of Mount Chiliad, where every dawn is a masterpiece in the vastness of nature.

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[MLO] Chalet Mount Chiliad - FIVEM/GTAV

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File size: 18 mb
Coordinates: 515.4903, 5494.72363, 782.5358


  • This map is partially encrypted by Tebex and CFX Asset Escrow System. This is licensed on your cfx account that you entered when purchasing the package.
  • After your purchase, tebex will send an email with the download link. By the way, you can download your item from your keymaster dashboard HERE
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if only it had a small swimming pool maybe this can be a update down the road.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to place water collision in this location.