CFX Support?

Where do we get support for issues like moving a payment to another account that was accidentally ordered on the wrong email?

How the heck are CFX selling licenses to use services and not providing support teams for it, instead just hoping for the best on this forum… christ.

Submit a request at

I’ve been waiting two months for a response to a ticket, going on three.

At this point, it seems like support has fallen apart entirely, or there are significant organizational issues at CFX.

Disregarding you hijacking an entirely unrelated topic…

Assuming you mean ticket #208385, which is a fairly complex server report regarding a dispute between you and another server owner, this is not an actionable ticket as per our current policies and support capacity, and it looks extremely complex to deal with.

We do not currently have any policy to evaluate or deal with complex server reports like this one, and any action taken will end up fruitless in the end as the systems to track repeat abuse are sliiiightly behind on schedule.

Similarly, the sheer volume of such complex tickets, combined with the summer season, is also kind of backlogging the entire ticket queue.

As to the original request,

… assuming this refers to a Patreon subscription, this is something that can be done oneself by changing the email address on Patreon and running a manual resync on the ‘Element Club’ page on Keymaster.

What other assessment can I get out of a 2-month wait period on even a confirmation of the ticket being looked at? There has been no response to the ticket… Not even a “we’ll get back to you on a decision”. I’m not even bringing up the particulars of the ticket/issue I had.

I don’t think that it’s unfair to think there’s something problematic with support/response time if I have to wait two months for a response.

Don’t get me wrong, if I didn’t think CFX/FiveM could fix these issues or believe in the project, I wouldn’t bother bringing it up.

I’m glad you are responding to other requests, but nothing in my experience has indicated that support is active.