Roadmap progress update: end of 2019

As we detailed in our previous post, there were a few roadmap tasks to be done by end of 2019. This is a progress update on those tasks, primarily.

As seen in our data, both these issues were resolved.

Steam is supported now, EGS has been determined to not need explicit support at this time.

Both are supported now. Not much more was done on RedM, however.

Two out of three completed, the authentication backend wasn’t important enough, and is therefore moved to next milestone.

Not started nor completed. RedM is somewhat low-priority at this time.

Worked for a while until OVH broke a storage backend migration. Seems ‘managed Kubernetes’ isn’t all it’s made out to be.

Once OVH storage is back up, we’ll attempt to figure out a better way to handle this service.


Really looking forward to 2020. Looks to be the best year yet for FiveM. Keep up the great work!

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What is EGS? :thinking:

Epic Games Store.


Great work elements. Glad to see this progress update and looking forward to seeing more in the future.

what about OneSync natives porting for FiveM? afaik a lot of gta5 natives are not yet supported and are not working at all

Are the lastest builds now working as expected on Linux? Not looking for OneSync personally but the same question applies I guess for others.

Managed Kubernetes biting you in the ass?! Never! :sweat_smile:

Nah, a general question really.

Sorry, was commenting on OP’s mention of Kubernetes woes. I can relate.

No worries, I’ve stayed away from Kubernetes for now, my company doesn’t currently require it and nor do I but the concept and idea of it made a few DevOps I know very happy.