Platform Server, version 5848 (September 1st, 2022)

The ‘recommended’ channel for the Platform Server (FXServer) has been updated to version 5848. This change, again, mostly contains a few bug fixes and quality improvements compared to the last version (5562). A few networking/performance improvements were attempted, but couldn’t be tested within the release window. Again, if you’re experiencing any regressions compared to 5562, don’t hesitate to report them.

A summary of functional changes compared to 5562 is posted below:

  • General: A lot of shared platform code has been updated with small fixes and tweaks.
  • txAdmin: Updates v4.14.1, v4.14.2, v4.15.0, v4.15.1, v4.16.0, v4.16.1, v4.17.0 and v4.17.1 have been bundled.
  • Scripting: The profiler saveJSON command has been added.
  • Scripting: .NET GC events now show in the profiler output.
  • Networking: Packet loss handling for ENet has been tweaked. This matches an change in the client builds as well.
  • Networking: If the server does not desire a Steam ticket (i.e. if the API key isn’t set), the client will be told this so they don’t have to request a ticket.
  • Linux: A few tweaks were made to the build process and now the server binaries should be less oversized.
  • Mumble: A few denial-of-service/memory exhaustion exploits have been fixed. Note that when using a reverse proxy which does not change source IPs, you may have to change the limit in mumble_maxClientsPerIP.
  • Mumble: A convar mumble_disableServer has been added to disable the built-in server in case you’re using an external server.
  • Mumble: Some server-side limits have been updated (PR from Korioz)
  • FiveM/State: Parsers for build 2699 have been added.
  • FiveM/State: An issue with unsigned/signed integers in giveWeaponEvent has been fixed.
  • RedM/State: The sync packet size limit has been bumped, fixing some corruption with ped state.
  • State: Parsing incoming clone sync packets has been optimized by using more C++ templates.