Platform Server, version 5562 (May 11th, 2022)

The ‘recommended’ channel for the Platform Server (FXServer) has been updated to version 5562. This change contains a few bug fixes and quality improvements compared to the last version (5402). Of note, however, is that this version has been promoted despite a few reports of a potential regression in the TCP/HTTP server, that we were sadly unable to reproduce or confirm consistently occurs. If you’re receiving ‘CURLcode 56’ after the server has been running for a while (but not before!) that did not occur on 5402, please provide information and a bug report.

A summary of functional changes compared to 5402 is below:

  • Cloud: Remove Rust/jexl-eval library for ‘Server notice’ processing and replace it with a Lua interpreter.
  • Server: Remove excessive idle CPU usage from spin-waits in ‘idle’ thread pools when the server isn’t being used.
  • Server: Don’t bundle the webadmin resource anymore. Old versions will still work, you should be able to drop this in from an old copy fine.
  • Server: Don’t bundle dbghelp.dll so the server will run on Windows Server 8/8.1 now.
  • Server: Ignore msgHeHost state updates when running in state-aware mode.
  • txAdmin: Update the bundled version from v4.13.3 to v4.14.0.
  • Net/HTTP: Rate-limit /perf endpoint requests.
  • Net/HTTP: Fix a potential memory corruption reported in the HTTP/2 server.
  • Scripting/C#: Faster native invocation (like on client) for the server if running on Windows. On Linux this caused memory corruption, so this is not enabled there.
  • Scripting: Allow use of escrowed scripts in non-escrowed resources using @blah/file.lua syntax. These resources still need to have lua54 enabled.
  • Scripting: A few crashes when passing incorrect/null arguments have been fixed.
  • FiveM/State: Set hitGlobalId for a weaponDamageEvent targeting a player’s local player ped, instead of it being 0 it now is the network ID of the player’s ped. In addition, hitGlobalIds (an array) is now also set in case multiple entities are supposed to be affected.
  • FiveM/State: Add a sv_filterRequestControl variable. This allows blocking “request control” events. The default currently is ‘off’ (0), but a future release will change this to a higher value, which may be incompatible with old scripts.
  • FiveM/State: Name more fields for fireEvent.
  • FiveM/Config: Allow setting build number to 2612 (or g9ec).