dev editor cannot open the chat module

That’s my error in the server console. It started when I started coding on my laptop. My PC doesn’t have this issue. A FiveM reinstall didn’t help sadly. Making a new project also has this issue. The standard chat resource is missing some module.
I’m very new to coding. The only experience I have is about 50 hrs of C# coding in the Cfx editor. I got help with most parts. So please explain like you’re talking to a 5yo:)

Thanks for reading. If I need to provide more let me know.

After a huge lack of comments here. I did find out what caused the issue. Months later. The chat and webpack module coming with the current fivem installer are broken. I grabbed a chat and webpack folder from a previous server build. And copied them over to my fivem instal.
Chat went here → C:\Users\max\AppData\Local\citizenfx\sdk-storage\system-resources\resources[gameplay]\chat
Webpack went here —> C:\Users\max\AppData\Local\citizenfx\sdk-storage\system-resources\resources[system][builders]\webpack

I hope this helps someone in the future. And i’m slightly dissapointed in the lack of response in such a long time.

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