Community Status - May 2022 (Mini) Edition

Some of you may have noticed there wasn’t any May 2022 Community Status post. This is correct, due to a lot of team members being unavailable to work due to being busy with health issues, family issues, or other similar critical situations, we haven’t posted a community update this month - instead I’m posting one, which is also a little unusual.

Similarly, the few remaining team members have been somewhat swamped with work, including the recurring outages (they seem to be somewhat resolved these days :pray: ) and other pressing project issues.

We’ll be getting through the backlog slowly but surely, and hopefully will figure out a new way to deal with and prioritize tasks, dividing them across multiple people as needed.

If we’ll ever end up needing more people, we’ll of course put out posts looking for such

What happened to all the ongoing tasks?

There’s quite a few things that were worked on lately, but that are still ongoing due to these concerns. Of course, if you feel we forgot something critical, reminding us is fine. :slight_smile:

We’ll still work on key concerns from the community, and will hopefully ship some visible refreshes to the user experience within the next month or two. Similarly, we’ll expand on our commitment to assisting and integrating txAdmin in the coming while, as well as readying up for future GTA V updates such as the ‘9th generation’ branch being published on PC by Rockstar in the coming year. RedM also has some work pending release, so that isn’t forgotten about either.

Again, we hope to be able to get back to you soon with more of our regularly scheduled programming.


Thank you for the update!! Good luck to you and the team, keep well! :cherry_blossom:


:pray: Hope all is well.

God bless you and all the team for such the best gta 5 experience.

nice :cold_face::cold_face::cold_face::cold_face::cold_face::cold_face::cold_face::sunglasses:

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Bless your team for the wonderful program that makes everything we do possible. Stay safe!

I was wondering where that post was, thank you for clarifying and clearing things up.

Hope all is well with the team, there’s nothing more important than a person’s health - both physical and mental!

Peace and blessings to all :heart:

Hi d-bubble,
great hearing from you and how FiveM develops.

If I may continue with my wishes for the community: Please less encrypted scripts (paid ones = OK). We are already on our way to a “Pay 2 Play” client.

This is my personal wish and I may speak for many.


my fivem aint working no more

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