Community Pulse - July 2023 Edition

Hi everyone,

Here’s July’s Community Pulse update, with some more information/updates shared from the team at!


GTA Online: San Andreas Mercenaries

Our team has been hard at work to support the latest GTA Online title update which was released on June 13.

We’re happy to announce that on June 29th, we released support for the San Andreas Mercenaries title update to the FiveM production channel.

Starting from Platform Server version 6514, you can set the sv_enforceGameBuild convar to 2944 or its alias mp2023_01 to use this title update within your server.

If you want to use this content in your script or are just interested, you can find more about the content of this update in this community forum post by @Derass.

New FiveM milestone

We’re delighted to announce that FiveM recently crossed 16 million unique players. :exploding_head:
As always, our team is very thankful to our community for their continuous support throughout the years. :heart:

Technical updates

  • IsPedComponentVariationGen9Exclusive native has been added to filter out “stub” assets from b2944 update
  • Added SetWeaponsNoAimBlocking with description here
  • We have addressed a crash issue in game builds 2802+ that would occur when disconnecting from a server. This was a common crash, it showed on top of our automatic reports. :sweat:
Git Shortlog

1A3 (1):

  • [39933ea86] fix(ext/cfx-ui): adaptive card inline action style fix

AvarianKnight (3):

  • [1e40ff034] fix(convar): add ConVar_Internal and mark sv_icon and version as internal
  • [361060609] fix(extra/patches): fix values not being reset on server disconnect
  • [3ad8801fb] fix(glue): don’t clear ConVar_Replicated on convars that have it set as a default

David Malchin (1):

  • [68acc8123] feat(native-decls): add binary and header arrays to SET_HTTP_HANDLER

Disquse (13):

  • [d31c2a1d5] feat(five): initial work on 2944.0
  • [e4bd6620b] tweak(game/five): add ros.dll for b2944
  • [025b0440a] tweak(data/five): gameconfig and meta files for 2944.0
  • [c07dca4b4] tweak(game/five): add dump for b2944
  • [106437e4e] feat(scripting/five): crossmapping for b2944
  • [e88b46df6] tweak(state/fivem): update data nodes and events for b2944
  • [2399418a4] tweak(data): add gamepad sprint option for b2944
  • [4bb47d058] tweak(vish): compatibility with b2944
  • [682b1a1be] tweak(five): patch ped random variation crash on b2944
  • [a81c1a9ee] feat(extra-natives/five): add IsPedComponentVariationGen9Exclusive
  • [a74ee2a27] tweak(game/five): fix crashes during streaming objects removal
  • [f7642e59b] tweak(game/five): disable nullptr CWeaponInfo crash fix for b2699+
  • [f32dd8626] feat(extra-natives/five): add SetWeaponsNoAimBlocking

Nikez (1):

  • [c8fa93229] fix(extra-natives/five): entity fire id not released

blattersturm (53):

  • [f60ccddaf] Merge remote-tracking branch ‘pichotm/patch-2’
  • [7aca988c3] Merge remote-tracking branch ‘thorium-cfx/mono_rt2_coroutine_features’
  • [607e14a4c] Merge remote-tracking branch ‘D4isDAVID/sethttphandler’
  • [de3dbe085] fix(ext/cfx-ui): ‘have account’ → ‘have an account’
  • [610b56bb4] Merge remote-tracking branch ‘1a3dev/inline-action-style’
  • [a7f8e6bc8] tweak(resources/chat): update dependencies
  • [296414a14] fix(resources/chat): optimize multiple suggestion add
  • [58d20dbfc] feat(conhost): windowed console
  • [436151f64] tweak(scripting/lua): run main chunks of a script in a coroutine
  • [a8d84df99] fix(resources/chat): continue; instead of return;
  • [1e3259703] Merge remote-tracking branch ‘wdesgardin/feature/disable-networked-sounds’
  • [7fb96cda7] tweak(client): unify FormatMessage flow (and its use in download errors)
  • [10f115f98] tweak(client/launcher): task dialogs for errors
  • [3cb18b009] tweak(font-renderer): [NFC] remove commented out code
  • [fd3a0bb3d] tweak(gta/five): thread descriptions for unnamed game threads
  • [be31d209a] Merge remote-tracking branch ‘nikez/fix/entity-fire’
  • [0b13b2a05] fix(graphics/five): minor reshade load fixes
  • [bb87c52e5] Merge remote-tracking branch ‘thorium-cfx/mono_rt2_several_fixes’
  • [260150dec] fix(build): more CI_BUILD_REF_NAME removal
  • [9a8c9029e] fix(ext/cfx-ui): ignore twitter ‘m3u8’ videos
  • [358da49ce] tweak(ext/cfx-ui): youtube embeds for community tweets
  • [465061166] rebuild
  • [6e54fc9f7] tweak(scripting/v8node): use Node.js’ unhandled promise rejection handler
  • [cb97fbc54] fix(scripting/v8node): ‘clean’ process exit handler
  • [59dec6a42] fix(resources): drop “_cfx_internal”
  • [ee0ac7e36] fix(build): use node-gyp@9.3.1
  • [2c34435a2] fix(game/five): profile setting load fixes
  • [d20a0d3e5] Merge remote-tracking branch ‘disquse-gl/fivem-2944-wip’
  • [9c63696a0] Merge remote-tracking branch ‘disquse/fivem/2944-day-one-patch’
  • [c2ae3dd34] Merge remote-tracking branch ‘thorium-cfx/mono_rt2_several_fixes_2’
  • [b197237b2] Merge remote-tracking branch ‘thorium-cfx/fix/cs_vector_coordinates’
  • [a01741758] fix(client/launcher): SEE_FLAG_ASYNCOK for steam://forceinputappid/
  • [f968bb9c7] Merge remote-tracking branch ‘pappaniels/feat/coneblip’
  • [2b078dc85] Merge remote-tracking branch ‘pappaniels/feat/aiblip-v2’
  • [8a0948f47] Merge remote-tracking branch ‘thorium-cfx/mono_rt2_bump_pilot’
  • [13bbcb901] Merge remote-tracking branch ‘disquse/fivem/rtti-bug-fix’
  • [cfadd8d0e] Merge remote-tracking branch ‘avarianknight/fix/convar_reset’
  • [06a1b42d1] Merge remote-tracking branch ‘avarianknight/fix/server_convars’
  • [c140823d3] fix(ros): support third-party auth tokens
  • [f2c6ed5f6] fix(graphics/five): GetProcAddressStub crash
  • [6698373e1] feat(input/five): precision trackpad scroll support
  • [5d6322b95] fix(net/http-server): empty HTTP/2 responses
  • [42df7a726] fix(game/five): don’t add ~! mappings as separate menu entry
  • [65b225850] fix(nui): request blocklist startup race
  • [60f6b3a87] fix(input/five): missing file from 6698373e10fdc61674e8a3fc027754d188932597
  • [140c7c432] update txAdmin submodule to v6.0.1
  • [7a96d88f0] fix(client/five): pure mode support for 2944.0
  • [4313d8db2] fix(ros): potential hack-fix and diagnostics for ROSLauncher+147B6C crashes
  • [70bb3cdcf] Merge remote-tracking branch ‘disquse/fivem/weapons-aim-blocking’
  • [2d3def692] Merge remote-tracking branch ‘thorium-cfx/fix/mono_rt2_several_fixes_3’
  • [cace99d0d] Merge remote-tracking branch ‘thorium-cfx/feat/mono_rt2_command_remap’
  • [585cd7e2b] Merge remote-tracking branch ‘thorium-cfx/feat/mono_rt2_gui_types’
  • [291d43c31] fix(input/five): sniper zoom bug for scroll wheel

deterministic_bubble (1):

  • [3970e189c] Merge pull request #2064 from nihonium-cfx/fix/sdk-resmon

nihonium (1):

  • [5dab7bceb] fix(sdk): don’t instantiate resmon when there’s no resource manager

pichotm (1):

  • [f12e2d73d] fix(gamestate/server): support ignoreRequestControlFilter with strict lockdown mode

pindakaastosti (2):

  • [20ac389b2] tweak(scripting/csharp): add blip cone function
  • [d38ca0716] tweak(scripting/csharp): Add ai blip functions

thorium-cfx (14):

  • [51d4cde96] tweak(clrcore-v2): move server types to Server namespace
  • [3f7478360] feat(clrcore-v2): more coroutine features
  • [b6576229d] fix(clrcore-v2): exports/reffunc fixes
  • [8f5bf030a] fix(clrcore-v2): make StateBag.Global public
  • [17e0b1579] fix(clrcore-v2): allow use of Entity’s MemoryAccess methods
  • [9fb1c81a7] feat(clrcore-v2): KeyMapAttribute
  • [0b8a301b3] tweak(clrcore-v2): shared library update
  • [f2984de22] fix(clrcore-v2): several bug fixes
  • [d6f752c11] fix(clrcore): adjust vector directions for Z-up
  • [5ea3e4f8e] tweak(scripting-mono-v2): bump pilot date
  • [23042c194] feat(clrcore-v2): add .GUI namespace types
  • [530c18f8a] fix(clrcore-v2): use (u)long types on natives when requested
  • [b6c387a0e] fix(clrcore-v2): Coroutine.Run, OutString cast, and transparency issue
  • [30a3160e4] feat(clrcore-v2): command parameter remapping

wdesgardin (1):

  • [8d655905a] feat(gamestate/server): disable networked sounds convar


New milestone for RedM!

While far from FiveM’s new milestone, we’re still very proud to announce that RedM surpassed 500,000 unique players since its release in 2019 :mascot:
As always, we’re very thankful for the dedication of the RedM community over the years. :cowboy_hat_face:

Authentication issues for Steam/Epic Games users

On June 26, Rockstar Games implemented changes to Rockstar Online Services for their authentication with Steam and Epic Games Store, leading to RedM being unavailable for players owning the game through these stores.

After investigation, a fix was committed on June 28th to our Canary and Beta branches, and released on our production channel on the 29th. :tada:

Rockstar made this change to address an issue reported on their HackerOne showing how if an attacker got access to a player’s Steam or Epic account, they could take over the associated Rockstar account as well. Rest assured that this had nothing to do with any attempt to sabotage FiveM or RedM. Server Platform

This month we released txAdmin v6.0.1, bringing small tweaks, fixes and QoL improvements, as well as some backend improvements. And most importantly, added the txAdmin:events:adminAuth events so anti-cheat developers can ignore actions from admins (docs).

Furthermore, starting from server build 6508, Node.js-style unhandledRejection events will now be handled correctly, so if you want to handle these errors yourself, you can use the snippet below:

process.on('unhandledRejection', (error) => {
    console.error('Ohh nooooo - unhandledRejection:');


This past month, a lot of native documentation Pull Requests were reviewed, and 29 of them were merged!

We’d like to thank everyone for their contributions. :mascot:
We’ve also updated our Contribution guide if you would like to contribute but don’t know how to.

New workflow for account deletion

To alleviate some concerns around self-deletion (e.g. compromised accounts owning assets being deleted, …) we’ve implemented a new form in our Support platform to handle account deletion requests and make sure the request is legitimate and to better inform users of what this means.

See you all next month!


Looks like the link to the community article is wrong, that’s linking to a 2699 build article. This is the article I think is meant to be linked: NEW DLC - San Andreas Mercenaries (mp2023_01 / mp2023_01_09gec) - Info


excited to see whats next! thank you all, see you next month

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Good catch, thanks! I’ve corrected it.


Noice :mascot:


:partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:



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Thank you for the tag :heart_eyes:

My changes are there!!

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Great work as always, can’t wait to see what’s in-store for next month!


Keep up the amazing work team FiveM :+1:


nice job!! but the pure mode is not working with latest DLC, it says i have modified files and i need to verify my gta base game (i have not, and i have done this just in case)

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This was already fixed, see: fix(client/five): pure mode support for 2944.0 · citizenfx/fivem@7a96d88 · GitHub its just currently sitting in canary.


Good shit as usual!


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