Client Update for November 15th, 2022

An update to version 6025 has been pushed to the ‘production’ channel today. This update has a fair set of bug fixes and other minor improvements.

Change notes for version 6025

  • A fair bit of UI fixes have been added in this release:
    • If the forums are unavailable, the ‘account data could not be loaded’ error is now less scary, and other authentication errors are less confusing as well.
    • The ‘top server’ list not working for some languages (such as Polish) has been fixed.
    • Some cases of ‘private’ servers being unjoinable have been solved.
    • A lot of other small fixes and tweaks.
  • Some state bag bug fixes have been merged, these mainly affect the server build but this may improve client-side behavior as well.
  • The ‘custom crosshair’ variables are now able to be configured even in production releases.
  • A rare case of hints.dat corruption has been mitigated, which would lead to crashes in interiors with ‘NetInteriorLocationHacks.cpp’ in the error stack on FiveM.
  • The game should no longer crash with an error in D3D11.dll regarding CreateRenderTargetView on some systems.
  • A race condition when initializing the CEF texture has been fixed.
  • The game will no longer have the Rockstar Launcher ask for ‘the requested settings changes could not be made’ on first launch.
  • FiveM: The ‘extended budget’ divisor has been tweaked which should hopefully mitigate some cases of this regressing on lower-VRAM GPUs.
  • FiveM: The ‘ErrorInflateFailure’ crash should now show the correct diagnostic error message even on build 2699.
  • FiveM: The handing script commands now support ‘sub-handling’ fields such as CCarHandlingData. Thanks to FrostyIce and NoxieNya for the pull request. :tada:
  • RedM: The initial-launch game build has been moved to 1491 to reduce the need to download a lot of content.