Client Update for February 9th, 2023 Client / February 2023 Update 1

This update (with version number 6279) applies to both FiveM and RedM and contains the usual set of quality improvements and bug fixes.

Summarized changelog

  • A few main menu tweaks:
    • If a connection error doesn’t come from a server (such as a ban), the server header won’t show above the error anymore.
    • Server reviews won’t show if they have been ‘hidden after being flagged by the community’.
    • Images in server reviews won’t bleed out of the review box anymore.
  • Loading screens shouldn’t get stuck anymore when reconnecting to a server that has used DUI.
  • A RegisterNuiCallback native now exists, mainly for non-Lua scripting runtimes.
  • The game will no longer crash when restarting a NUI resource with a pending callback.
  • NUI callbacks to JS resources will no longer lead to long hangs/deadlocks due to thread affinity.
  • The ‘Fixed-size NUI’ option no longer leads to scroll wheel events and select boxes being positioned incorrectly.
  • Any resource can be accessed using https://cfx-nui- URLs now, instead of only older nui:// URLs which don’t work with fetch.
  • The GET_RESOURCE_RAW_KVP commands have been removed because these didn’t work correctly and were usable as a memory read exploit.
  • The game will no longer crash from loading a missing resource.rpf if canceling connecting to a server at a certain time.
  • onResourceStop callbacks no longer run on disconnect, these couldn’t ever do anything meaningful and often led to game crashes.
  • The game will no longer crash if having the ‘USB Vibration’ driver installed for some broken USB gamepads.
  • The ‘Network drilldown’ debug tool won’t show empty nodes as expandable anymore.
  • NUI now redirects URLs to as the former domain seems to no longer work.
  • FiveM: The game will no longer crash about ScriptStore pool for a common replacement citizen/ directory.
  • FiveM: The game won’t crash at startup from a race condition in the ‘Streaming memory’ tool anymore if this tool was open before game launch.
  • FiveM: The game will no longer crash if a RPC call references a network object without a game object.
  • FiveM: Delta patches have been added to allow downgrading from build 2824.
  • FiveM: A few new natives have been added:
  • RedM: build 1491 was replaced with the 1491.17 update to match the currently available game version.