Client Update for December 8th, 2022 Client / December 2022 Update 2

This update (version 6124) applies to both FiveM and RedM and contains a few good bug fixes and some community pull requests.

Summarized changelog

  • A crash (‘early-exit trap’)/hang on startup introduced in last week’s update has been fixed. This one was caused by an anticheat conflict with certain kernel-mode security software such as Malwarebytes or Riot Vanguard that already included the same check we added.
  • The game should no longer crash with C# resources on certain multi-byte locales such as Japanese with the install directory in a path with ‘local’ characters.
  • The scripting runtime now supports ‘script warnings’ which are currently implemented as a test for the NETWORK_GET_ENTITY_FROM_NETWORK_ID command (and its counterpart) so that it shows the correct resource name.
  • A relatively common crash in NUI when the main menu would be closed has been fixed.
  • New helper functions for script to get a state bag name from a state handler (GetEntityFromStateBagName and GetPlayerFromStateBagName). (thanks, @AvarianKnight!)
  • FiveM: A native command (OverridePopGroups) to replace the ‘population groups’ list at runtime has been added.
  • RedM: AI boat population should be less broken now.