Client Update for December 13th, 2022 Client / December 2022 Update 2.1

This update (with version number 6136) applies to both FiveM and RedM and contains only minor changes, and was mainly pushed to align with the GTA V 2802.0 update.

Summarized changelog

  • Some anticheat tweaks. We’ve got a big ban wave for some popular paid cheats now.
  • The snowy launcher window is back, this time without crashing older GPUs.
  • FiveM: Game cache can now do delta downloads to downgrade from 2802.0 to lower builds, instead of requiring a full download.
  • FiveM: Some adjustments to in-vehicle first-person field of view were made, these however are not usable on the ‘production’ update channel directly at this time and will be documented when they are.