Client Update for April 26th, 2023

We’ve just published version 6418 to the production channel for both FiveM and RedM. Compared to the previous production release (6352, from March 19th, 2023), this has the following notable changes and bug fixes:

  • Initially logging into FiveM will no longer show '“The Rockstar Games Launcher requires an update”.
  • FiveM will no longer crash on Windows on Arm, such as when running under Parallels on an Apple Silicon Mac. This fixes a base game Rockstar bug.
  • RedM has been updated to match the latest RDR2 build to reduce initial download time.
  • RedM: When using frame scaling, AMD FSR or NVIDIA DLSS, the user interface will no longer be cut off if using DirectX 12.
  • FiveM: Addon clothing items should no longer randomly be ‘black’ or otherwise broken.
  • Server reviews now require a minimum tracked play time of 2 hours.
  • Outside of this, a lot of small game bugs have been fixed, and a few community-requested script commands have been added.