Client Update (FiveM & RedM) for September 1st, 2022

An update with version 5848 has been pushed to production today. This update contains a few small fixes for both FiveM and RedM, and some features for FiveM, which are summarized below:

Change notes for release 5848

  • The game path selection window has been changed to match user expectations by letting them select the game .exe file.
  • An issue where boolean console variables being set by a server would not get reset once exiting from a server has been fixed.
  • A potential vulnerability allowing directory enumeration (but not reading) using the C# script runtime has been fixed.
  • An issue leading to the ‘User Interface failed to load’ showing when disconnecting from a server has been fixed.
  • An obscure issue with CreateThread ordering in Lua has been fixed and now matches original behavior.
  • The crash handler now correctly handles multiple simultaneous crashes.
  • NUI now correctly handles scroll input from ‘precision touchpads’ instead of most scroll input being ignored.
  • The ‘Access denied’ error when using a developer command in a production build has been updated to correctly reflect intent and documentation.
  • The ‘Error executing native’ error has been made more clear for diagnostics.
  • FiveM: ADD_TEXT_ENTRY now can be used multiple times to override entries from other resources.
  • FiveM: The game won’t initialize microphone capture unconditionally anymore, fixing an issue where Bluetooth headphones would switch off when opening the game.
  • FiveM: ScriptHookV compatibility API now correctly returns the version number for build 2699.
  • FiveM: A missed patch in the ‘Criminal Enterprises’ update (2699+) has been reapplied, which should mitigate ‘streaming hangs’.
  • FiveM: DUI URL validation has been loosened so now URLs like and 0 will work as they used to.
  • FiveM: ‘FragmentStore’ (.#ft files) and ‘TxdStore’ (.#td files) asset store pools have been bumped by 10,000 entries to allow for more custom content when using higher DLC levels.
  • FiveM: A case where corrupted entitlement cache could lead to the game ‘infinitely loading on vehicles.meta’ will now automatically be fixed.
  • FiveM: The game will no longer show a Windows Firewall warning on startup.
  • FiveM: Native commands to set custom RGB colors for xenon headlights have been added: SET_VEHICLE_XENON_LIGHTS_CUSTOM_COLOR