Client Hotfix Update (FiveM/RedM) for March 23rd, 2022

An update to the platform (version 5425) has been released to the ‘production’ channel. This hotfix update applies to both FiveM and RedM, and includes the following changes:

  • Prevent loading English layout systemwide for keyboard mapping
  • Prevent some rare hangs scenario if is paged out by the OS.
  • Replace expired cert that was preventing connections in this incident
  • Show a simplified message to prevent end-user from being confused on some specific crashes that are occurring by means of an early-exit trap.
  • SDK: Fix project building if project path was not saved
  • SDK: Fix an issue that was preventing SDK from retrieving the latest artifacts
  • FXServer: Remove bundled dbghelp.dll from artifacts as it was preventing FXServer from launching on older Windows versions