Cfx dev kit

looking for some help with cfx dev kit … im looking into making custom timecycles for my mlos … iv watched a few youtube videos on how todo it and they ise cfx dev kit … they enter a command in there command box “timecycleeditor 1” and they get the timecycle box pop … but when i try it dont work… i have changed the game to latest (unstable) from release and it still not working … has anyone tried it and did it work for you ?

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Are you doing this when you launch FxDK?

Hiya thank you for your reply … i have sorted it now … it works now in my local host server …unsure if they updated it todo that or what but its working

im also having this issue and im on FxDK and canary branch. nothing seems to pop up

if your trying to make a timecycle use your normal server not fxdk … do the same thing “f8 > timecycleeditor 1” and it will work

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