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What is Cedar Creek Roleplay?

We are a 100% custom built FiveM community that works hard to ensure a fun, professional, and realistic roleplay. Our server is public which means anyone can join and utilize our economy system, roleplay with the police, or just have fun with their friends. We feature several departments, all of which were meticulously built from the ground up to ensure a professional and fun environment.

Emergency Services

We feature 4 departments within our server, all of which have specific duties.
  • Blaine County Sheriff’s Office
    • Patrols Blaine County and ensures peace within it
  • San Andreas State Police
    • Has state wide jurisdiction
    • The State police however, is a hand picked department. All troopers have several certifications which makes them automatic supervisors.
    • If you wish to join the SASP you can apply for the BCSO and express your interest in training. When an FTO/Supervisor thinks you are ready, they will nominate you to the SASP.
  • San Andreas Fire Rescue
    • Provides medical and fire services to the citizens of San Andreas
  • San Andreas Department of Transportation
    • Provides:
      • Tow services to law enforcement & civilians
      • Mechanic services to law enforcement & civilians
      • Road safety equipment for construction workers & law enforcement.
    • Note: the SADOT does not require an application, and any civilian can apply.


We pride ourselves on our easy to access resources for civilians and law enforcement officers. We make sure it is easy for civilians to get started in the server, ask questions and use our services.

Community Docs: https://docs.cedarcreekrp.com/
Community Website: https://cedarceekrp.com/

We also read every suggestion to ensure that every trooper, deputy, and civilian is happy and satisfied with their experience here at CCRP.


Community Docs: https://docs.cedarcreekrp.com/

Contains all information for getting started and how to find the resources you need

Community Website: https://cedarceekrp.com/

Used for department documents, rosters, and applying for the community

Community Discord: https://cedarceekrp.com/discord


Everyone always looks for the photos first, so we got some nice ones to show off!


If you're interested in checking us out, you can visit our website, or join our [discord](https://cedarcreekrp.com/discord)!
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Remove the “can pay” developers are not allowed to profit from their work. Please remember to read the TOS before using :slight_smile: thx

I believe what he means is to buy a vps and element club and such.

Also I believe I can help you. Won’t let me add you though.

Still looking for additional dev help someone that has experience with esx and eup would be helpful

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Sorry was banned on the forums for a bit. I’ve got a discord if you want to add each other and then we can work something out.

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Sure discord Andrew G#8718

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Still looking for a dev?

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What are you looking for in a dev. Any particular platform, how many people do you have wanting to join? Whitelisted server or public? How realistic of a server you are looking for, DOJ style or more of player free will without telling them they have to make game for cops?

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US based or EU?

Hello Emt2215, I am currently looking for a Developer to help develope a FiveM server for me, I am wanting a Realistic server like DOJ but more like NoPixel if that would be possible, Please contact me on Discord @ K I I N G#8644, Thank you!

Server bump

Join today! cedarcreekrp.com/discord

Looking for Dispatchers - San Andreas Chief - DOT Lead (certain conditions apply)

  • Custom CAD and Community Management System
  • Public Server for Civilians and certain jobs
  • Whitelisted LEO - Fire - EMS
  • Full Economy


BSCO went to all blues along with a new livery! Looking sharp!

Los Santos Police dept is now accepting applications!

Get started today! https://cedarcreekrp.com/discord/

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