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Hello there,

If you are looking for a server to join, why not join us here at Crystal Bay RP, here is a list why.

  1. Fully Functioning and operating 24/7.
  2. Professional Staff and Dev Team.
  3. Currently operating Open CAD/MDT.
  4. Lots of active Member’s.
  5. A chance to rise through the ranks of any Department.
  6. Custom Police Vehicles.
  7. Custom Civilian Vehicles.
  8. Lot’s of fun and exciting scripts that everyone enjoys.
  9. Currently Hiring Staff
  10. Daily Patrols with a briefing before.

We are a fun and exciting new Role Play Community that treat each other like family and is about to thrive within the FiveM Community. So come and join us we are wanting to RP with you.

Server IP:

Discord link: https://discord.gg/Av4URgx

Kind Regard’s,

CBRP Chairman
B. Aussie

Love this community and its staff! They are all professional in everyway!