Cat cafe script not working

Trying to add a script to my server (Cat cafe) and the job section isn’t working. when I third eye the chopping board, there is nothing to third eye. I was told it wasn’t the script itself that had an issue, but something else in my server preventing it from working. How do I go about checking what this could be. I am new to developing and am unsure how to fix this kind of bug. Thank you.

Check dependecies that script needs

I have all the dependencies, I believe its just something blocking the script from working. All the food works, its just the cooking aspect

Mybe script its using ox target or qb target but you are using something else

Can you post any f8 or server console errors?

That’s the thing, there are none, we have checked over to see if something is wrong and I can’t find anything (713.8 KB)

This is the file, but i really dont think its the file itself, but has something to do our server blocking something from working

The cats havent spawned either

I can’t find the dependencies on the site

Here are some dependencies with this script