Case opening system is allowed?

Hello. I made a CS:GO style case opening system. And these crates are opened with in-game currency

The currency on my server is called Points. You can buy vehicles & weapons with points.

(Points can be purchased via tebex or easily earned in-game.)

There is nothing related to irl in the case system. You are getting in-game weapons & cars.

Does this system cause a problem for FiveM or Tebex?

( There are high-players servers using the same system. But I wanted to ask anyway. )

Note: You can’t convert in-game money into anything in real life.

Ask your lawyer if you want an actual answer. I can only tell you what I know and that mustn’t always be true or the law.

There are many countries that have very explicit laws regarding gambling (which this is) using real money.
While you are not technically allowing to purchase crates with real world money, people can still buy your “Points” and then get the crates.

In Luxemburg this is strictly forbidden (you cannot even access the casino in GTA:O). I have two friends living there that confirmed this for me. You need to buy chips via ingame money that you can also get via real world money using the “Shark Cards”.
Also keep in mind that different players come from different countries so you technically need to exclude Luxemburg from these purchases. (and possibly other countries)

I personally would not do something like that as I simply don’t want a target on my back. You never know who actually wants to hurt your “business”.

I still suggest waiting for CFX confirmation on this. If you want to be 100% on the save side: Ask a lawyer.

From this specific post : Roleplay (RP) Servers - Rockstar Games Customer Support

including the sale of “loot boxes”

Would indicate that selling loot boxes and having a case opening system is forbidden.
Still, there are many servers doing it without actions being taken on them, even selling in countries that doesn’t allow loot boxes like Belgium.

And doesn’t seems to care really much because the Rockstar policy’s focus was not loot box, it was mainly about crypto bros and weird bad actors joining the community only for the money.

So there is no definitive answer, either :

  • You respect the law fully : you don’t do lootbox
  • You try to be in this weird grey zone (it’s more about you being morally ok with it)

Also, this is probably a “hot topic” that will cause confusion, because everything about money is subject to change, new policy, etc…


As long as your not selling them for in real life currencies or anything else from real life then I think it is allowed.