Hey everyone,

Just wanted to know where carvariations.meta would go for client side and server side?


Carvariations.meta is not change-able for now. Nor client or server sided.

it can be run client sided as long as its in ur mods folder and u get the mods folder to work with the plugins

@GanjaMonster how would i do that?

you need to make a mods folder and them use openiv.asi

Wait, wait, wait. OpenIV.asi and “mods” folder works with FiveR?!

@Boss It is really changeable, i have managed to implement one, with the mods folder. :slight_smile:

@Benni0902 how have you done this, are you able to write a mini tutorial or explain for me plesase thanks

If this really works, that can be revolution in modding for FiveR! I must check this!

you need to put it in mods folder its the same as modding for single player but make sure that the UPDATE.RPF only reads up to patchday 7 not pass that cuz it wont work it will say dlc count mismatch

@GanjaMonster I have done this, but when i put the openiv.asi into my plugins folder in my fivereborn folder it crashes my game


  1. Where I need put update.rpf to work? Plugin folder or GTA5 folder?
  2. I delete in dlclist.xml and extratitleupdatedata.meta to patchday7ng (with stay with this lines) and I got DLC mismatch and crash.

probably cuz its already an updated rpf file you need an older one from patchday7 you need to get an older update rpf that was originally updated only to patchday7 if u go and delete the files it will still give u a dlc count mismatch, you either need to downgrade your game version or just get someone to upload their update rpf and should work also, if u ised m5 u can copy that one also and use it i believe

OPENIV.asi goes into plugins folder in reborn folder

You update.rpf working, right? Can you upload you file? If its work, as you say, then I will make Tutorial Topic, for other people. :slight_smile:
Also where I need copy update.rpf? Maybe, i place this file in wrong place.