Cart system - VORP



You can create locations where players can craft and customize carts.

In cart customization you can choose money or both in each type of customization.

In cart crafting you can create categories and choose the carts that belong to each category.

Cart health system, which will be kept in the database. The cart will lose 1 or 2 wheels depending on its health, which will make the cart undriveable.

Players will be able to repair and clean carts using the corresponding item and passing the minigame of a skill bar, where players will have to repeatedly press the key to complete the bar that constantly consumes progress.

You can establish in each cart a load of animals / npc / skins to be transported.

If the unmodified cart has lights, players will be able to turn it off and on.

You can configure:

  • Language (English and Spanish by default)
  • Webhook
  • Compatibility with ‘vorp_stables’, ‘syn_stables’, ‘xakra_stables’ and ‘gum_stables’
  • Menu alignment
  • All script keys
  • Radius to detect carts when you call them
  • The color of the floor markings
  • Choose carts from the preview visible to all players
  • Blips color
  • Color and alignment customization price
  • List of locations (name, blip, workshop position, cart spawn position and list of jobs and grade)
  • Enable cart health system and maximum amount of health of the carts
  • Choose what is required to customize a cart, money, list of items or both.
  • Colors and difficulty of the minigame to repair and clean the cart.
  • List of items to repair and clean cars (label, item, amount, subitem and jobs)
  • Cart crafting list (Cart assignment and category creation)
  • List of carts’ ability to load npcs/animals/skins, can also be disabled


Code is accessible No, only access to files to adapt the script to any framework and stable script
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 1500+
Requirements oxmysql, vorp_menu, vorp_core, vorp_inventory
Support Yes