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California state role play permanent banned from the 2nd server 3rd all Carolina state role play because I was banned on the second server for saying the N word.

Ban appeal for TOOL BOX steam id64: 76561197960287930
Im very sorry for saying the N word i am really dumb i was just really into the role play I really didn’t mean it so please unban me ive been playing this server for 2 years now and me being banned made me very sad im really sorry that i had to make the staff and admins upset for doing this. I promise I will rp correctly i will read the rules and not fail role play or do any mistakes ive done in the past. I was robbing the bank and i had a hostage and I called him the N word it just slipped out by accident im really sorry for the staff and admins of the server that had to deal with me and my false language. This time I will not just skim through the rules i will read it carefully a few times I am permanent banned from all servers and this actually made me cry because I really love this server I had to take time off FiveM because of this.

Thank you I hope you forgive me for all this so please un ban me so I can role play in this amazing server.

If any questions hit me up on discord at

man i need help i got banned for no reason i really like playing on this server its my favorite
a guy kept killing me and a mod showed up and banned me pls help

How do I apply to unban my self because I got banned for no reason

they dont unban you man they seriously dont care who tf u are as long as you fund there server

Hey. I got banned from the discord server for litterly no reason at all. I Didn’t do anything. Can someone help me to join again? I just got accepted to the FBI and then I got banned. It was around 4 months ago.

hey. ive been banned from the discord almost a year ago, i tried reaching to people in-game and on forums, nobody helped me, im hoping yall are gonna see this and will be able to reach out to me and get this sorted out, my discord username is patricia#4862

you’re server sucks, the only reason people play on it is because its at the top of the server list. When i drove up grove street because i heard gunshots… I was playing as a pubcop btw. guy walks up to me on my motorcycle, pulls out a gun and says get off the bike, as i turn my bike around and start driving away he shoots at me and i start shooting back. he eventually killed me and came up to me asking if i wanted to say anything and i responded with “ughhhh” roleplaying that im dead on the floor, and he says, “get the fuck off my server kid” and proceeds to ban me for mass rdm…
Now that was blatant admin abuse, or owner abuse whatever, i didnt care much to play on the server anyways.


im banned i want to play again whats the discord

I don’t know why but i was banned from the discord, i swear i didn’t do nothing but on and all the rp server is really good.

Server is trash lol

@PanhandleRP Saturn, when did you become so t o x i c?