Car Dealership

A Basic Cardealership Out There

Put And Run Script

Change The Cars And Price From client.lua

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Why vehicle prices are client side? Player can easily change prices with Cheat Engine and buy any vehicle for 1 dollar


So i was bored and my server didnt have a good dealership plus im a total newbie so i made this

Feel Free to solve this issue and post it online

This script is a perfect example of what not to do when handling clientsided data.

You are performing zero checks serverside, you allow clients to manipulate vehicle models, your clientsided loop is unoptimized in biblical proportions, You are not even checking if the plate is free to assign. This has to be the single laziest script I have ever encountered on this forum.

xPlayer.showNotification('U Bought A New Vehicle', vehicleProps.plate)

And they wonder why ESX has such a bad reputation. Jesus Christ.


This is the first time im working on this plus this isnt one im using on my server
I was bored so i uploaded this

Im using esx_vehicleshop’s export to make the plate
And i took the price and car’s model to database

If ur wondering why i did ‘You Bought A New Vehicle Thing’ i did it because i was using esx notification at start but then I converted it into mythic so i was lazy to change it

Plus before criticizing anyone elses post think!, i dont see u providing anything to the community

Don’t call your script the best out there when it’s poorly optimised and exploitable as fuck.



Cheat Engine can’t be used with FiveM. It’s blocked since a long Time ago. Try it.

Welcome to 2020 where you can search “Fivem bypass” on Youtube.

I strongly suggest “U” to remove that “Best Car DealerShip” Line From Your Git.


All you have to do is hex edit cheat engine and rename it so its not detectable as “cheat engine” running as a task on your machine. I busted someone using this method of my server.

Well, you can try it, but this “trick” is not even working.

how do i download it?