Cant stream my clothes

i got the patreon yesterday and wanted to add my clothes but its not working any suggestions

It can take up to 6 hours for synchronisation upon which will say you are bestowed with bonuses. Any new and existing license keys will have these bonuses.

its been 6 hours
an keymaster keeps making me sign into it
for my patreon to link

yes so you will need to link your pateon to your keymaster account you will be able to do this by going to element club you need to make sure that the email that was used on patreon is the same as the one you use on for it to link to your keymaster account

you should see this when you go to element club

so i did that but everytime i come in to the keymaster page i have to resigning in my patron key but on this page its active yet i get no texter on my characters so the are just invise body parts