Cant Install The FiveM client

Dear FiveM Team,
When I Try to install it ,there comes up a error.
Need Help please :

Thanks in the foureground :slight_smile:

What comes up?


Moving of failed (err=5)

Thats the code so is there a way to fix it ?

Is it a legit or pirate copy?

What do you mean with legit or pirate ?

He means did you legitimately buy the game (from Steam, Rockstar warehouse or disc version) or download (pirate) it.

i legit bough it from the Disc edition

I bough it legit can you help

Do you have any of the following overactive antivirus products installed:

  • Avast
  • AVG
  • BitDefender
  • ESET

If so, try adding exceptions/disabling/uninstalling these - especially AVG/Avast are known to cause problems.