"Can't Fetch ***"

So, I have 2 friends joining my server. One has been playing with me all day and gets in just fine everytime no issues. My other friend, was getting a handshake error. But that seemed to be resolved. He now gets an error like “Cant fetch Police1.ytd”
He can’t see any of the mods we put in, we are invisible when we are in the ped outfits I put in and the cars I put in are invisible as well. We were thinking maybe he needs to put the asi open iv loader and scripthook in his directory as he is playing with a clean copy. Thanks!

That means he’s the only one doing it right. You need a clean copy in order to play FiveReborn properly.

If he has troubles downloading the models/textures there is most likely an anti-virus/firewall blocking the download. Make sure those are disabled/uninstalled.

Thanks boss, it was his Internet