Cannot use "DisplayOnscreenKeyboard" on FxDK

Type of problem encountered:
It is not possible to type text in the fields provided for this purpose. The field is displayed without problem, however the entry remains impossible. This problem isn’t noticed with the same script outside the FxDK.

Demonstrative video:

Code used:

function InputText(length)
    local length = length or 64
    DisplayOnscreenKeyboard(false, "FMMC_KEY_TIP8", "", "", "", "", "", length)
    while (GetOnscreenKeyboardResult() == nil) do
    return GetOnscreenKeyboardResult()

Maybe the problem comes from me, any ideas to solve it?
Thanks for help!

Yeah, scaleform input is broken currently for game-view :c

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Thanks! Do you have a deadline for a stable version of the development kit?