Cannot Load CitizenGame.dll

Okay i’ll make this simple and straight to the point.

 I reinstalled my fivereborn directory because of totally messing it up with various mods etc. I deleted everything except the fivereborn.exe and proceeded to reinstall the game.

I read multiple forum posts about this issue,all stating to read the F.A.Q… I sure did aaannnddd it says to install the latest version of VC Redistrobutable or something along those lines <,so i do. 4 times. Deleting every one of my old versions of VC microsoft redis,installing a new version of redis,that supports my windows version,trying to get into fivereborn,seeing that it failed,repeating steps with older/newer versions of redis. No hope. Could not load CitizenGame.dll. the file sure is in the directory and all my drivers,EVERYTHING is up to date.

GTA V Version? No idea. haven’t played GTA SP/Online in a very long while.

Up to date? Fivereborn - Yes. GTA - likely not.

Legit or Pirate copy? Legit.

Steam/CD/Social club? CD

Windows Version? Windows 10.

Filepath to FiveReborn folder? C:\Users\dolph\Desktop`\Programs;Files\FiveL

Screenshots: x64W is in the directory btw.

Yeah I’m having the same issue myself. Is there a way to resolve this issue?

Try deleting caches.xml / cache folder

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