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About Candy Land RP

Candy Land emerged in October 2023 with a vision that aimed to break new ground and offer a unique experience unlike anything that had been done before. We envisioned a city that would not only stand out in the market but also capture the imagination of people in unprecedented ways.

Our staff puts the players first and always strives to deliver the best service imaginable. We genuinely care about each and every members input and work quickly to resolve any issues that may occur.


Why Join Candy Land RP

We are a welcoming community whose ultimate goal is to facilitate an exceptional Role Play environment for all members. Below are some highlights of the features of our server

Some Features & Information:

  • PD and EMS stacked with tools and equipment for ultimate RP experience
  • Challenging but REWARDING progression system for civ and crim
  • Crim activities such as robberies, heists, drugs, bank jobs and more
  • Hidden treasures around the map
  • Almost everything is player run. PDM, Bike Shops, Pawn Shops, etc
  • Limitless possibilities for new business applicants. Current businesses available!
  • Fishing, Hunting, Mining, local Jobs and Many More ways to make money
  • Creative story lines with custom items
  • We WILL give you the tools you need to make your RP great!

Here are some of the things that make the community special:

  • Alot of heart and soul was put into creating our city. Our team is a collaboration of creative minds who specialized in various categories such as Crim, PD, Civ and event coordinators.
  • We believe that things are much more valuable when earned, and so we have added an element of challenge to most activities
  • Our city was designed in a way that businesses rely on civs and other businesses in order to maintain and flourish
  • Encouraged high standards of roleplay and interaction between players
  • Age 18 and up, all backgrounds welcome. Everybody Love Everybody!


If you would like to join our awesome city please use the discord link provided at the top of this post and react to the rules to recieve your member role. Once you are a member you can find our server by searching for Candy Land RP. Thank you for taking the time to read this post and we hope to see you in Candy Land!

Some In-City Images


Love this city! Come join us people!


Such a great city. I found my new home!!!


This city is different in the sense they allow the RP to guide everything and dont interfere in what you do unless its a serious rulebreak. So many options of how to do things. its never a dull moment here in candyland, cant wait for others to join!


Been apart of this community since beta, the community is full of the greatest people I’ve ever met and made very great friends and we all hangout and talk and bullshit having a blast! come hangout meet new people help build factions and ideas!

They’re always looking for new people to come in and have fun and enjoy themselves!
I look forward to meeting new people! trust me this community is worth it!


Hahaha i love this city good people with Good RP



This city is LIT AF!!!


Where do I begin?

Let us go back to the beginning. Way back to the start of it all. THE COLD WAR.

How could the Cold War be connected to Candyland you ask? Let me enlighten you.

Due to the need for secure communication during The Cold War, the creation of ARPNET happened. Through time, this developed slowly into the internet we all know and love.

Somewhere during this development period, ROCKSTAR games was founded. And they started the series of games we have grown to be addicted to GTA.

And all because they were soooo bad at making a game we could play with longevity. The modding community came around and saved the day with FiveM!

Not going to lie to you, I have lost my train of thought now… It is past midnight now, And I am tired. But I love this city, and you should come love this city too. Do it. Now. RIGHT NOW. DO IT OR YOU HATE FUN!


This is hands down the best server I’ve been a part of. Get in and get established now before this server blows up!!!



:blue_heart: PD :blue_heart:

Come check it out!!