Cancel button does not work on game build change dialog

Just found out, that if you want to enter a server with a different game build that you have installed, the message that asks you if you wanna change your game build will not be canceled when you click the pink “CANCEL” button. (The white one works)

  1. Client - Canary.
  2. What you expected to happen: Both cancel buttons to work (Why is there even two?)
  3. What actually happens: If you click the pink one, it will close for a second (until one second on the OK button will decrease), and after that will be reopened with one second less in the OK button.
  4. Category of bug - Client.
  5. Reproducible steps:

a. Enter a server with different game builds that you have installed.
b. Try to cancel the entrance by clicking the pink “CANCEL” button on the bottom left.

hopefully fixed!