Can you play RedM with a pirate copie?

I’ve seen people asking if you can play RedM with a pirate copie of Red Dead Redemmption . I dont think its working , it was a thing months ago in FiveM but i dont know about RedM.

RedM requires a legit copy just like FiveM.

Of course you can’t. But I guess you can buy only the online version?

Yeah i dont know. I am worried if i buy the online version i might loose my money. If anyone knows please let us know

As long as you buy RDR, you’re fine. Online version, full version, doesn’t matter

You sure ? I read somewhere that you cant play RedM with just the online version. I am kinda confused tbh

You are reading old information.

Oh so its fixed? I can play RedM with just the rdo version?

please let me know if its fixed and if i can 100% play RedM with rdo so i dont waste mmy money. Thanks again

On servers that use game build 1355, yes.

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Ok so i can make my own localhost server with game build 1355?

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Ok thank you very much

Oh and may i ask in which lines do i put that? Or like in the top?

If you want to use 1355 game build add this in your server.cfg : set sv_enforceGameBuild 1355 or +set sv_enforceGameBuild 1355 as a launch argument.

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Most cracks now authenticate with rockstar probably also tricks redm not sure tho