Can you have addon cars on a fivereborn server or can you only replace them?

What the topic says :stuck_out_tongue:

For now, only replacing models is possible.

@Boss iv gotten add-ons cars with some of their upgrades to work. it will work most of the time with the cars but the upgrades only work depending on the car

how do you do? i did it by rename and replace but also have some upgrades problems (worst is for the type-X 180sx tunable the rear wing dont want to be removed

@iago How did you manage to get add on cars to work? Are they client or server side?

@AShadowbox they are serverside. u have to rename the car to a car that exist in the game

ex: rx7.ydt to banshee.ytd

and for their upgrades u have to rename the addon upgrades to an upgrade that exist on the banshee car

@iago But beware you don’t have the right handling for the vehicle.

@Trust37 thanks for the tip. u can easily add the handling line to the handling.meta

@iago Sorry man, there must be some confusion. There is a difference between “add on” cars and “replacement” cars. What you are talking about is replacement. I’m talking about adding new cars into the game, like police5 or sheriff3. It is possible to do in single player and apparently possible to do in FiveReborn as well, but it’s a secret closely guarded by a few lucky clans haha.

@AShadowbox i am talking about addon cars. just rename the addon car to a car that exists in the game

@AShadowbox / @iago

Read this topic:

im just wondering how do i get ELS in five reborn i would really apriciat if i could get help

Impossible it isn’t converted to be used with FiveM/projectΛ.