Can we not chose our own update?


Can you actually change it so that we can actually decide what update what we want to use? As for some clans the older updates work better for us. Honestly can you not change this? Actually allowing clans to chose what update they want to use!

No, new updates have many fixes which are great. We block things intenionally because they tend to break things, something working ‘better’ on older versions is false, anything regarding what we support that is.

Many others disagree? As for the policing community it actually causes issues, so I believe we should be able to chose our own update? If we miss the fixes, that is our fault? However it works better, so I believe we should be able to.

That means it was wrong in the first place.

How please do explain? If on the old update it worked perfectly, come to the new one it went pear shaped? Please explain…

This is a fucking retarded idea, why don’t you just report what you consider ‘worse’ about the new updates, rather than whining about the concept of updates?

Opinion is not related to something that works as objectively as this, so whether or not people ‘agree’ is irrelevant, lots of people also disagree about conspiracy theories, rather than just going by facts.

You’ve not stated any objective issue, just a lot of subjective unsubstantiated claims, thinking clans (why not the rest of the community? why not the entire world?) should be able to decide ‘what update to use’ (??? can you do so with any other online game? no? indeed!).

Nice substantiated claims.

What stopped working, exactly? You still haven’t mentioned any such thing.

Wrong usage of e.g. programs like OpenIV are being blocked because they cause trouble. If you were using them then you haven’t listened to us. We tell you how to do certain stuff, but people decide to take the easy way out. So when we finally block it, and your community package is having issues it wasn’t properly build.

Then you should actually allow us to chose this at own issue? If this then causes issues for us, its at our own fault for this?

Then do you have anything better, as this new update is shocking.

Do you not realise updating your client brings more good thing then bad things?

We would rather stay with an update that works best for us, regardless of the new and better things.

I’d rather have you report things that won’t work properly so we together could get to the right solution for this instead of you flaming us.

But there are so many things that could be reported? So why could you not just let us stick with the update.

I’m listening.  

The fact that we constantly have to restart our VPS servers down to FiveReborn is the main one, shall I continue?

Ruins our other software like Teamspeak, down to the stupidy that we need to restart because of FR.

You don’t have to anymore tho?

Have you updated to the latest server version?

Yes, please.

Virus have been caused when we have been using FR