Can this be converted to VORP?

Hello, I was wondering if this can be converted to vorp, I’m also wondering if anybody could do it unfortunately I do not know how I have tried? GitHub - codermanchris/redemrp_gameplay: A few custom jobs that I'm writing for the redem framework.
Looking to get the bounty hunt and farming missions to work with VORP.

Thank you for your time and info.

So is that a no then?

This place is legit pretty shit for getting any kind of script updates/help. You’d be better off getting with the original author of the script and seeing if he’d help you, or someone that can code C#/Lua.

Thank you for letting me know man.

If anybody could get this to work I would be happy to pay them for the work.

‘unfortunately I do not know how I have tried?’ You tried editing the code and couldn’t get it to work with VORP or you just tried running it with VORP and realized it wouldnt work?

I tried but getting too many errors, Ill keep at it. Hopefully, I’ll learn more soon and get this converted before some buddy else does lol. or maybe ill be surprised and someone will help me out.

Most of the stuff in there is incomplete and the RedEm gameplay script is like rewriting a framework