Can´t see other players on own/public server

Hi, I have major problem with FR. When I and my friend join same server, we can´t see each other and I still don´t know why. If you experienced same thing or you can help me in this please help me. Thanks.

@PlkAntonius You need to install the mod menu

You mean Trainer?

when you install trainer it should be able to show u player blips etc

Ok, thanks I´ll try it.

Resolved now?

Nope, me and my friend have same files but I can´t still see him… When I go to trainer and tap on Online Players it tells me: “Not in the network session.”

That means you aren’t connected. Try reconnecting to the same server several times if this happends you will most likely be able to see eachother on 2nd join.

I tried it like 7 times and still nothing… I tried to disable Firewall, port forward but still nothing…