Can someone tell me where to get info?

So I’ve learned enough of lua to get by and now in just wondering how I can implement it to do things in my server like add police force for rp, taking player blips off the map and changing it, adding jobs, taking away certain guns, setting up money systems warrant systems and stuff like that? I’m searching through forums but im not finding what I’m looking for. Is this all stuff you just download from a mod site online or is there a way I need to code it myself? If anyone can give me some information on this or at least tell me where to find it I would really appreciate it.

  1. Follow the beginner tutorial [How-To] Create a basic script
  2. Look at other code found in
  3. This for native reference
  4. FiveM docs can be helpful

And yes, I advice you to code everything yourself albeit some code inspired by #development:releases

Ok because I see some police rp framework that I can download and im inspired by the videos I’ve seen on yt of bay area bugs. If I use a framework is there a way I can still go through it and fix things the way I want or do i just have to settle with what it already is? Also I keep seeing people talking about essentials mode should i put that on my server before i do anything else? Thanks btw

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