Can I play Redm with only the red dead version online

I would like to buy only the online version of Red dead in order to play Red dead RolePlay, but I’ve seen that many people say that you can’t play Red dead RolePlay with just the online version of the game, while other people say that you can. I would then like you to answer me, please, if it is possible to play redm only with red dead online or not, and if so, I would like you to explain to me how I play after buying the online, in a way that does not have errors and problems, as some claim to have

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You can play RedM with only the online version. Doesn’t matter if you only have the online or full game.

Well, this answer was confusing.

But yes, it can be the online only version or the full game, searching the forums you would find this answer so please search the forums before making new topics.

Simply install it as you normally would, this is all you should need to do.