Camera keeps rotating after opening a menu with NativeUI


I’m developing a menu with NativeUI and when I start the menu my camera is getting rotating until I move my mouse. When I click in the menu or go into a submenu it’s also all fine, but when I go from the submenu back into the main-menu it starts rotating again.


Can someone help me there?

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As I think, you can’t really fix that in this resource, you will probably need to edit NativeUI itself then. BUT if you do not need the mouse anyway you can deactivate it.

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No I don’t need the mouse. How can I deactivate it?

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Ok I added these lines:

_menuPoolMain:MouseControlsEnabled (false)
_menuPoolMain:MouseEdgeEnabled (false)

But now the camera is rotating in a submenu… how can I the disable the mouse for the submenu?


As I now the submenu has another name different from

So you will have somewhere a local (probably) where your submenu is stored, just rename it to it’s name if the submenu.

Edit: something like this:
local myname = createSubmenu()


Of course the function will not be createSubmenu, but it’s a example

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Got it fixed! Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:


How do I disable the rotation?

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Thank you so much!!! This works for the EUP UI as well you just need to change _menuPoolMain to menuPool!


How did you do it?

Where did you put it in the ui?

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Did you find where to put this ?