California State Roleplay | FIVEPD | CUSTOM CARS | ANYONE CAN BE POLICE | PvE


CSR is a Player v. Environment community. Real life California law enforcement based roleplaying community focused on having fun and being realistic! We have various resources that make an immersive experience for those who like to play LSPDFR but muliplayer with FivePD.

We’re currently a public server! Anyone can join and be a police officer, sheriff, or trooper. All of our vehicles are for law enforcement are custom and have realistic liveries. We also have custom features on the FivePD side of the house such as MDT backgrounds and over 25 different call outs. We also have in vehicle radar and outside handheld radar for players.

Come join us with fighting crime and pulling over pedestrians! There are other officers in game and you can call backup if needed!

You can join the discord server for a list of controls!

We also have custom cars if you want to be a citizen and cause some havoc!

Law Enforcement Departments:

Los Angeles Police Department
Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department
California Highway Patrol

Come join us and have an amazing time playing as a police officer!

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