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California Finest Roleplay
Est. 03/21/2023

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About Us
CaliforniaFinestRP is a FiveM community founded in March of 2023 built off of professional and realistic roleplay in a family environment. Our goal is to provide you with a family that is always there for you, loyal to you, gets along well and gives you an entirely unique roleplaying experience while offering many departments and subdivisions for you to join by utilizing high quality assets and scripts. At CaliforniaFinestRP your voice will be heard, your time and effort will be valued and most importantly you will have an enjoyable experience. All these aspects we believe is what allows our community to thrive, and we pride ourselves in this. We are very confident that you will be able to call CaliforniaFinestRP your next home whilst building long-lasting bonds with one another. Every member at CaliforniaFinestRPis respected, and looked after by the administration team, staff team, and their peers, and we’re always there to help you improve your experience here at CaliforniaFinestRP! We are really looking forward to meeting you! Hiring For All Positions!

Our Features

  • custom TeamSpeak 3 server
  • 24/7 server uptime
  • A server that is compatible with all types of computers
  • Experienced staff members who are ready to assist all members
  • An advanced training program for new players and veteran players
  • Non-ELS fleets with custom liveries
  • Seeking members 14+

Departments we Offer

  • Los Santos Police Department
  • San Andreas State Police
  • Blaine County Sheriff’s Office
  • San Andreas Fire Department
  • Communications Department
  • Civilian Operations

Don’t miss out and become a member in one of the greatest families on FiveM


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