Cache Issue with FiveM + EUP

So i am having an extremely weird bug in regards to EUP. Whenever I launch the game my police uniforms don’t show up properly. I thought this was a EUP problem but after 5-6 hours of re-downloading and ensuring things were correct, I stumbled upon my cache. I deleted both server side cache and my personal fivem cache and everything work. I left the server and came back an hour or so later and it didnt work again. So i proceeded to delete everything in the cache folder except for ‘game’ folders and it works. So i have done that about 5 times now where everytime I launch the game, spawn my eup ped, it doesnt work. When i delete my personal cache (nothing server side) and then go back in, everything works fine. At this point I don’t even know how to resolve or start to look at reasonable explanations as I am not a developer. Just wondering if someone can help or direct me to the right thread.

Thank you in advance for the help

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