C3RP Code Three Roleplay| Custom Cars & Scripts | Hiring SAST, BCSO,LSPD & Civilian Operations | Serious RP | vMenu Based

Welcome to Code Three RP Community.

With our community full of various backgrounds and experience from High Rated FiveM Servers. Here At Code Three We have a solid foundation! We Have Custom LEO, Civilian Vehicles Modified And Customized To Suit Our members, We Also Own A Unique And Realistic CAD system for dispatchers. We are a new community that has just been up and around for a few weeks and are looking to grow on all fronts from Civilian to Police and everything in between. Here at Code Three RP [C3RP], you will have tons of space to grow and freedom.

Community Leader: Our Leadership has been in the business for 10+ Years Combined, And We have Been able to apply that to Code Three RP. We Take Pride in sharing the experience we’ve acquired.

High Expectations: Code Three RP Have Many standards: Respect, Maturity, and Dedication.

Our Commitment: We Choose inspiration over competition for a stronger community and a healthier way to have interactions. Here At Code Three our members mean a lot to us!

We Hope You Join Us!
Here’s The Public Discord Invitation: Code Three RolePlay | Public