[C#] Using 'gameEventTriggered'

Hey guys!
I’m trying to figure out why I’m not seeing this event get fired. Using the example code from the Wiki located here, I’m not seeing the console output anywhere.

Here’s the code in my server.net.dll: (same in client.net.dll)

    public class Main : BaseScript

        public Main()
            EventHandlers["gameEventTriggered"] += new Action<string, List<dynamic>>(OnGameEventTriggered);

        /*/  SERVER EVENTS   /*/
        private void OnGameEventTriggered(string name, List<dynamic> args)
            Debug.WriteLine("EVENT TRIGGERED: [" + name + "]");

TL;DR: Trying to catch and print out the events being fired but, alas, the console shows nothing.

I’m just toying around with this event right now, so all I really need is to see which events are being fired. Just figured maybe there’s something I’m not catching that you all might be able to see.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

I’ve attempted to use this on the client side as well, and it still hasn’t worked.

These are client events, not server events.

I thought that might be the case, but it wouldn’t work client side either.

A lot of the events seem to not fire but you should be getting something. Are you sure the client dll is running? Also here is a resource showing how to use the damage events. Damage Events [dev release] v1.0.0 - Simple events for all kinds of damage/death game-events

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Awesome, thanks for the link!