Buying licence key for Turkish people Help

i have a question about buying fivem licence key for turkish peoples.
i heard someones is saying turkish people buys licence key and they are gets ban.
Is it true? or what happens if i buy what happens,please help me about this topic.
I’ll buy it but i am scared to this.

Why should you get banned when buying a key? I don’t think that any company is interested in losing customers just depending on their country.
At least I’ve not heard anything about getting banned because of buying a key.

i dont know there is a rumor like this.Because in our country people buys licence and sells another peep for money,people buys 15$ element club key and duplicates for selling more key to people and in our country people says when you bought the key you will get ban from fivem

You are not allowed to sell your license keys

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You also cannot buy license keys. They are free on

For Patreon perks you must go through Patreon. If you don’t, you will get blocked as it’s not allowed like TheIndra said.

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i know i mean,I think fivem closed buy to turkish player.
there is no problem btw if only i buy and use the 15$ key and nothing happens? i dont get any ban?

If you get Element Club from then you will not be banned. Any other place, you will get banned. FiveM has not blocked all of Turkey. If your Patreon account gets blocked, it’s most likely due to Patreon’s fraud protection. Contact them.

and before in free key i created so much for my pc and my server vds ip now i want to buy 15$ but i buy new vds and its normally another ip. its reason,for the ban?

this problem still persists, why do all comminyit suffer the crime committed by a few people in turkey, you give reason to go to other platforms, nothing else
please let fivem officials see this message

I’m not sure what you’re trying to accomplish here by bumping a two-year-old topic.


We don’t block any country whatsoever.