Butterfly Wings [FiveM]

▴ Butterfly Emissive Rings
▴ Glow at the night
▴ Contain 10 colors
▴ Model by Suzue: https://linktr.ee/suzue

▴ Converted, rigging and configured by My Clothing

Wings.rar (621.8 KB)
▴ Install notes:

  • Drag and drop files to “stream” folder

nice release, I love it :heart:

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Hey amazing release, where can my server find it tho? having trouble finding the correct category in vMenu

This replaces Bag 67 for those of you wondering.

Great release. <3


hi :slight_smile: need patreon?

nice release i like it <3

Of course. It’s streamed.

for me slot 67 of bags does not work for me, I placed it into my eup stream folder and it doesn’t work. I have fivem patreon too

Then you’re already streaming a replacement. Change change what bag slot it goes into by renaming it.

only 4 female!

I cannot install them ???

@Maria_Franca Amazing work. Have you ever considered creating angelic or demonic wings?

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