Buildings - VORP



  • With this script players will be able to use items and build, you can assign any object to an item.
  • Constructions synchronized with all players, saved in the database, therefore they will be maintained after restarting the server.
  • The building system will allow you to add an object in any position and rotation, you can also move and delete the already created buildings.
  • If the health system is active, players will be able to damage the buildings, they will see health when they are near the building, when the building is completely damaged it will be permanently removed.
  • Players will be able to share or remove door and chest permissions with other players and jobs.
  • Chest system that will not allow 2 players to open the same chest at the same time.
  • The door system is synchronized and will keep the status of open or closed while the server is active, it will be important for players to close the doors.
  • All objects that are built will generate a radius that will eliminate all vegetation.

You can configure:

  • The language (Spanish and English by default)
  • Webhook link
  • All keys
  • The command to enter and exit the delete and move mode
  • The commands to share and delete permissions from doors and chests. (Only the owner of the object can do it)
  • Building movement speeds
  • Zones that cannot be built
  • Enable or disable and color of smoke when building, removing and destroying buildings
  • Enable or disable vegetation removal and radius
  • The list of objects to be used as a door and disable that it can be opened with lockpick, it is recommended touse door objects
  • Chest inventory options (Blacklist, max items and disable weapons)
  • Enable or disable and required jobs to lock pick and alert police command of chests and doors
  • The list of items that will work as chests and the capacity of each chest and disable that it can be opened with lockpick
  • Health system options (Enable or disable, radio to see the amount of health and the background color)
  • Zones to disable the health system
  • Spawn and remove distance from buildings
  • Buildings list (Item, object and health)


Code is accessible No, only access to files to adapt the script to any framework
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 1500+
Requirements vorp_core, vorp_inventory, oxmysql, lockpick
Support Yes