Bug with disappearing cars on the server

So i have a problem like the guy on this video. How can i fix that?

That are errors what appears

this is not a bug this is something that is usually caused by resources.

turn them all off and then turn them on one by one until it starts happening again.

Looks like the same exact thing happening to me and many others. No idea the cause of it :confused:

My server didn’t run a million resources. Just a small custom made thing I did. The only similarity I could find between my script and other possible scripts causing this was setting a vehicle as mission entity. No idea how/if it correlates.

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I think the LockSystem is doing this :neutral_face:

Note that that video is not fivem, it’s GTA network, even though problems may look similar, you can’t really compare it.

I… completely missed that…

Someone know how to fix that ???

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