Bug Reports/ Suggestions


I’ve been playing FiveM for some time, great so far. I’ve had some suggestions that could be used to maybe help update the system a bit better:

  • A refresh button

  • A way to minimize crashes constantly. I do not have specific crash errors, it will just happen every 10 minutes occasionally, and when I get kicked off a server sometimes, I will crash. (Not sure if that’s what supposed to happen)

  • The Lambda Menu (I’m not sure if FiveM is in control of this trainer or not) will work in the first server, and if I leave and join another server, the menu will not work. (Spawning cars especially) and I will have to completely restart the game.

  • A way to blacklist servers, or filter by languages. I’m an English speaker, and there are so many french servers that I keep having to scroll by, and accidentally joining when there isn’t a [FR] in the server name.

  • Also a way to turn off main menu music. I’ve heard this music from the past 4 years I’ve played GTA V, sometimes it just gets bothersome.

So far these are the main suggestions I have. But, this is the best GTA expierence I have ever had! I love FiveM!


Your feature request has been noted.

This is an error which should not occur. Please create a topic in the support forums.

This is noticed! We are not able to resolve it, as said Lambda menu is supported by FiveM but it’s not in our development.

Add ~fr to filters to exclude servers containing ‘fr’.

Your feature request is noted.